Vostok-Service Group has its own production base - 8 sewing and 4 shoe factories in Russia, Belarus and Italy.

Roba LLC was organized in 1997. The total number of employees was 18.

The factory started with making mittens for Vostok-Service. Then production of high-visibility vests was organized at someone’s home. In December 1999, Vostok-Service bought a sewing shop building and equipment. 45 skilled seamstresses were engaged, and areas for making special orders, nylon range orders (aprons, caps) and Khoziaika gowns were organized. The factory’s output was up to 40 items per month.

In April 2000, a workshop was organized in Ukholovo for producing wadded jackets and mittens, which totalled 35 people. By 2005, the number of employees rose to 75. The company manufactured medical outfits and overalls for engineering staff workers.

In October 2003, the special orders department was switched over to manufacturing special wear of a European quality, and additional 20 people were taken on. The factory, jointly with the Employment Fund, has several times organized training courses for seamstresses.

By 2008, the total number of employees was 260. In 2010, it was decided to amalgamate the summer suit area. Currently, Roba LLC comprises bright, airy shops with modern equipment. The total number of employees is 179.

Roba LLC works with customer-supplied raw materials fulfilling orders from Textile Vostok-Service and manufactures Strazh, Saturn, Brigada and Ladoga workwear.

The main direction for the factory’s further development is to increase productivity by improving production technology.