Workforce protection services are an important component of Vostok-Service complex solutions for protection of workers in a production environment.

Vostok-Service Group of Companies not only manufactures and supplies modern workwear, footwear and personal protection products, but also provides a full range of services that give the customer more time and financial opportunities for implementation of their direct activity.

Logo laying on
The company logotype on workwear is an easy and fast way to impart a corporate style to staff equipment, make it recognizable, highlight the brand and emphasize the company’s identity.
Special orders
To make clothes and shoes by a special order is an opportunity to relatively cheap and quickly create staff uniforms, which is different from the typical workwear and to have elements of the corporate style. Vostok-Service offers clothes on special order on the basis of the main standard models.
Corporate standard
Corporate style is an integral part of the company image, its culture and prosperity. Corporate style makes every company recognizable to millions of customers. Vostok-Service has extensive experience in creation of a unique memorable corporate image and offers its customers development of a corporate style.