Application of logotype

The company logotype on workwear is an easy and fast way to impart a corporate style to staff equipment, make it recognizable, highlight the brand and emphasize the company’s identity.

The Vostok-Service Group of Companies offers a wide range of clothes and footwear, and renders an additional service — the application of a logotype to workwear. We offer several ways to apply a logotype, which will allow you to choose the best option.


Silk-screen printing. It is the most widespread way of printing. The image is painted on workwear: the sign will be bright and accurate on any material. In this way of printing, an image can be put either on the pattern, or on ready-to-wear clothes.

Thermal printing. This inexpensive method is very convenient for customers who need to quickly put a logotype on clothes. The image can be applied to any detail of workwear. This technology enables elements of any size and shade to be accurately reproduced.

Embroidery. This way is of the best quality of all mentioned before. For embroidery, polyester, viscose or heat resisting kevlar (aramide) fibre are used. They do not lose the colour when washed and hardly fade; therefore the image will keep its original form and distinct outlines while in service.


The cost of this service depends on several factors.

  • Type of printing. For different types of printing, various consumables and technologies are used that largely determine the final cost of the service.
  • The complexity of the logotype. Some logotypes are small and therefore the details are difficult. The size of the logotype and the number of colours is an important factor. of the bigger and more colourful a logotype, the higher its cost. 
  • Urgency. The price for urgent application of a logotype is higher than the price of planned orders. The cost of urgent works increases depending on the time required to fulfil the order, since it is often more time-consuming.
  • Number of copies. As the number of copies goes up, the cost of printing one logotype falls, but the total cost of the order increases.

To learn more about the logotype for any workwear, phone Vostok-Service Call Centre on  +7 (495) 665-7-665 or 665-0-665.