Regional office

If you have any questions and suggestions REGARDING the work of our Branches IN Russia, PLEASE CONTACT Vostok-Service regional office

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If you have any questions and suggestions regarding the work of our Branches in Russia, please contact Vostok-Service regional office


Irina N. Shcherbatyh

Director Regional Office Vostok-Service

tel: (495) 665-75-75, ext. 0243

email: filial_irina@vostok.ru

Vostok-Service Regional network has more than 45 branches throughout Russia. Regional office staff will be pleased to answer all your questions.

Aleksej Y. Makhov Deputy Director Vostok-Service Regional Office, Branch Supervisor

tel: (495) 665-75-75, ext. 0532 email: amahov@vostok.ru

Olga V. Kalnitzkaya Regional Division Director

tel.: (495) 665-75-75, ext.0303,
email: okalnitskaya@vostok.ru

Konstantin G. Maslov Deputy Director for Business Regional Office GC Vostok-Service

email: kmaslov@vostok.ru

The priorities of the Regional office are as follows:

  • Developing the regional network.
  • Opening new offices in the regions.
  • Providing expert consultations and seminars on safety and the use of personal protective equipment.
  • Improving the quality of customer service by official distributors of Vostok-Service.

Contact Us:

  • tel: (495) 665-75-75, ext. 0237
  • fax: (495) 665-75-75, ext. 0316
  • e-mail: filials@vostok.ru