ZEUS-3 is a new generation of workwear for welders

 ZEUS-3 is a brand new model of ZEUS line welders workwear from Vostok-Service Group.

In the domestic market, it is second to none in terms of fire resistance, durability, comfort of work in any postures including the most inconvenient ones due to the use of state-of-the-art fire-resistant fabrics and special design materials.

ZEUS-3 fabrics and materials

ZEUS-3 suit is primarily made of Arsenal (100 percent cotton, 490 g/m2, oil and water repellent treatment, Proban fire resistant trimming) by Carrington, a British textile company specializing in manufacturing of special protective fabrics for over 100 years. The fabric made of natural cotton "breathes" well, and is excellent in absorbing body moisture, easily washed and fast dried. Arsenal fabric, due to its high density, is highly resistant to high temperatures; due to the Proban treatment is highly fire resistant (the cotton is treated with a special fire-resistant polymer, which results in permanent thermal resistance qualities of the fibers: non-flammable, self-damping).

To make the suit uniquely resistant to sparks and scales, drops of molten metal, the fore parts of the sleeves, fore and partly rear parts of the trousers, fore parts of the jacket are overlaid with Thermoshield-PS, a new generation of protective fabric with a siliconized coating. The coating smooths out the micro roughness that may hold heated particles, is fire resistant for 750 sec instead of the normal 50 sec stipulated by GOST R 12.4.247-2008, washable and cleanable (does not peel off the base for the entire operation life). Thermoshield-PS fabric base is made of Panox and Kevlar fibers known for their excellent heat and mechanical resistance.

To increase the welder's safety in the conditions of low visibility, the back of the suit and the lower parts of the trousers are fitted with 3M Scotchlight heat resistant reflective material. The widths of the stand-up collar and sleeves of the jacket are adjusted by a fireproof textile fastener. This prevents sparks and scales from getting under.

Design solutions

In the real world, welders are mostly right-handed. When they work in clothes that fastens on the "male" side (left to right), sparks, scales, heated metal particles often get into the cavities formed by the fastener. To prevent that, Vostok-Service designers switched ZEUS-3 fastener to the "female" side (right to left).

To provide more freedom for movement, ZEUS-3 is fitted with a special sleeve design that copies the bend of the arm at the elbow joint when welding. Due to such design, no wrinkles are formed that hinder movement of the arms and hold scales and heated metal particles, thus significantly lowering the risk of a burn-through.

To increase ZEUS-3 usability and improve ventilation, several ventilation holes are provided under the back yoke, in the armhole area and in that of trousers inner side seams, trousers design having pockets for inserts. To provide for better freedom of movement when squatting, a special vent is designed at the jacket back.


To additionally protect the welder's suit and boost its durability, Vostok-Service designers developed accessories, such as ZEUS-3 helmet liner and ZEUS-3 apron. The base of the helmet liner with a winter flap is Arsenal fabric. The winter flap is overlaid with Thermoshield PS fabric. ZEUS-3 apron is made entirely from Thermoshield PS fabric and provides perfect protection for different kinds of welding work. The accessories are not part of ZEUS-3 suit, but together with it, they provide a high level of safety.

ZEUS-3 welder's suit, with accessories, special footwear and state-of-the-art personal protection means, is a new approach to industrial protection. ZEUS-3 is a combination of innovative materials, technologies and unique design solutions, making a welder's working suit an efficiently protective, comfortable and durable means of personal labor safety.